FAQ: Questions about the infrapanel that everyone should know III.

We will now answer some of the questions that are often asked about infrapanels that are not yet covered in our series first and second in parts. We hope you find this article useful.

How long does it take for the infrared panel to heat up the room??

Of course, the efficiency of any heating solution depends largely on the insulation of the building and the outside temperature. Imagine how different an uninsulated, damp basement room is from a well-insulated, modern home. We don't want to be evasive, because the infrared panel performs extremely well in this factor too, and you can make a room warm in minutes. What we do recommend is that if you use it as a permanent heater, connect it to a thermostat so you can be sure that you'll always have a constant temperature in your home. If you choose a thermostat with WIFI, you can even control it remotely, so you won't have to wait a few minutes for it to warm up when you get home.

How far away from the furniture should it be placed?

As the infrared panel heats the objects and walls in the room, not the air, it is important to avoid unnecessary furniture getting in the way. This allows the infrared rays to 'travel' around the room unhindered. For example, if you want to place it near the sofa, make sure you place it above it, not behind it. Infrared panels take up very little space and are designed to fit easily into any interior.

But where do I put them?

The infrapanels can be mounted either on the walls or on the can also be ceiling mounted. However! The infrared rays they emit heat up the objects in their path and then move on to the next one. For this reason, we also do not recommend placing the infrared panels directly opposite a window or front door, as this can cause the infrared rays to escape from the room. Infrared panels are also excellent for heating larger spaces, and our 60×60 cm 350 W aluminium infrared panel fits perfectly with the coffered ceilings found in many office buildings. So it certainly doesn't take up any useful space.

What are infrapanels made of?

The infrapanels we sell made of aluminium, or tempered glass were made. Our collection includes special infographics which, in addition to acting as a full infrared panel, provide a perfect, undistorted reflection.

How safe is it to touch the infrared panel?

In fact, whatever type of heater we are talking about, there is a risk of injury. The infrapanel is no exception. It is therefore advisable to install them in a place where children and pets cannot access them. Of course, the safest place is installation on the ceiling. One thing you should know is that touching the infrared panel will not cause a problem. It will feel hot, but it is unlikely to cause burns. But you shouldn't touch it permanently, because that could be a problem.

If you haven't already, read our series first and second part of it! If you have any further questions, please contact us contact us at, our staff are ready to help you. Our products in our webshop you can order.

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