Mirror Infrared heater

Stylish frameless mirror infrared heaters for any room. Using the latest glass mirror technology in an innovative frameless design.

Innovative infrared heating for wet rooms too.

Mirror with dual function

Our products Mirror Infrared heaters are deceptively similar to legacy mirrors. What distinguishes it from the average mirror is that the mirror infrared heaters also gives you a breast.

Our 6 mm flat glass mirrors give a true, undistorted reflection.

Frequently asked questions

Our products are IP65 rated. Fully protected against dust and low pressure water jets from all directions.

Yes. The bathroom is not properly heated, which can cause mould on the walls. A bathroom heated by an infrared mirror will avoid mould.

No, if the infrared mirror is turned on. Vapour will precipitate on the cold surface. The infrared surface of the mirror is warm.

In all the rooms where we usually place traditional mirrors. Bathroom, bedroom, hallway, etc.

Mirror infrared heater


Mirror infrared heater in the bathroom.

Use the mirror infrared heater both as supplementary heating and as the main heating for each room. If you would use a mirror infrared heater as the primary heater in the bathroom, it is recommended that it be placed above the sink. Simply place the infrared mirror heater on the wall and enjoy the warmth of the sun while brushing your teeth.

Perfect design

Real reflection

IP 65

Mirror infrared heater for hallway

The hallway is one of the coldest points in many apartments and houses. At the same time, the hallway is often a mirror.

Could our hall mirror also be the heating unit for the hall?

Now you can. Choose the mirror infrared heater, which performs both functions.

Led backlight, unique look

Design infrared mirror heater

Our design infrared mirror heater are the perfect way to personalise a room. The atmospheric LED lighting on the back of the infrared mirror heater makes the mirror stand out from the room

Infrared heater in the bathroom? Choose the infrared mirror heater instead

Mirror infrared heater in the bathroom

No more mist on the mirror in the bathroom.

No more mould on the wall.

Choose the mirror infrared heater for your bathroom, which is a mirror and a heater in one.

Infrared mirror heater IH-50-MR


Stylish, made with the latest manufacturing technology, our space-saving fabrics with innovative frameless, polished edges are perfect for any room in your home, even your bedroom.

Thanks to its unique anti-fog properties and IP 65 rating, it can be used in any wet room in the home, including the bathroom.

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Did you know?

New generation heating

Did you know that our products can completely replace traditional heating? You can find the right Infrared heater for any room in your home, and it can even be the decor of your home.

Energy saving

Did you know that our Infrared heaters convert almost all of the electricity they receive into heating energy? This is shown by the 98% efficiency index of our products, which gives them an energy efficiency rating of A+.

Expert advice

Did you know that, in addition to selling our products, we can also help you with consultancy and design? Our experts and contractors are at your disposal even during the design phase of your new home.

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