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How can infrared panel heating help people with allergies?

For allergy sufferers, creating a comfortable and healthy home environment is key. Allergies are often caused by dust mites, pollen and other allergens that can be easily spread by conventional heating systems such as radiators or even air conditioning. However, infra-panel heating is an alternative solution that offers significant relief and

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In which rooms do we recommend installing the infrapanel?

We're hearing more and more about infrared panels, so you may not be completely unfamiliar with this heating solution. If you choose the right quality panels, and make sure you install the right number of panels in the right places, you can replace your entire heating system. Of course, you can also use it as supplementary heating for a room where you want to heat.

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Energy Innovator Award 2023

Shenzhen Yandiya Technology Limited, as an innovative infrared heating panel manufacturer, is recognized for its achievements in winning the "Best Infrared Heating Technology Manufacturer - 2023" award for the second time after 2019. The company has been at the forefront of developing energy efficient heating solutions, particularly in infrared heating technology. Yandiya's products help to combat global warming

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Infrapanel: cheap and efficient heating from the future

During these months, we feel the impact of how much our heating bills can spike. We hear more and more about infrared panels, but often we don't get an answer as to why it's cheaper to heat with an infrared panel than a conventional heating system. Meet this innovative solution that is revolutionising the world of heating!

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The infrapanel brings peace of mind to your home

Noise from the heating system of a house can often be disturbing and unpleasant. The infrapanel is a modern and quiet heating solution that is not only efficient, but also an ideal choice for silence lovers. Let's find out how infrapanel can bring this calm and efficiency to your home!

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Beliefs vs. reality - what is true about infrapanels?

Although infrared panels are becoming increasingly popular on heating system popularity lists, there are still a number of myths about them. Having explored these misconceptions, we would now like to dispel them and show you the true qualities of infrared panels.

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