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Infrapanel bedroom

Infrapanel for your bedroom

Bedroom heating is often a challenge. On the one hand, we often encounter the problem that the space is too small, and simply installing radiators is a major logistical challenge. On the other hand, we may want the temperature in our bedroom to be different from the rest of the house. Let's see if it is worth considering an infra-panel solution for this room.

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Which radiant heater should I buy for the terrace?

Now summer is truly over, and we will have to do without the warmth of the sun for six months. If you still want to sit outside on your terrace in the autumn and winter months, or if you have a restaurant or café, then you should consider getting an outdoor infrared heater. Read on if you are not already familiar with this

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Make the heating season as economical as possible!

This is a topic that is on everyone's mind, and for good reason. The soaring energy prices are forcing us to think about how to get through the heating season. It's worth thinking about a solution that not only gets us through this winter, but one that we can use willingly and effectively in the long term.

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Glass Infrapanel

Glass infrapanel - the queen of infrapanels

The infrapanel can be made of different materials. In addition to infra-glass, we also offer aluminium and glass infra-panels, and we would like to provide you with some useful information about the latter. So why should you choose a glass infrared panel?

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A heating bill of HUF 0? Possible with Infrapanel!

Recession cuts or not, the fact is that energy prices are constantly rising. The subsidy will not last forever, but we are certainly paying more for heating every year. One thing you can do: modernise your heating system and cut your costs to zero.

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