Outdoor infrared heaters the energy-saving solution

Sitting outside on the terrace with friends on a chilly night?

Outdoor infrared heaters are not a problem. No need to interrupt exciting conversations because it's getting chilly. Just turn on the outdoor infrared heater and the exciting conversations can resume.

Wall and ceiling mounted outdoor infrared heaters

Perfect warmth on a café terrace, for example

Our outdoor infrared heaters are used to great satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Our products are now also available to private users, so you can heat your own patio, conservatory or even a larger one.

Through continuous research and product development, our infrared heaters are now significantly cheaper to run than a conventional gas cylinder heater.

How is outdoor infrared different from conventional solutions?

The infrared radiation heats surfaces directly without any deflection (no airflow). The infrared radiation of the infrared heater hits the surfaces where it is absorbed and transformed into heat. This means that you can feel the heat directly on your skin and it also directly heats chairs and floors.

Conventional gas-fired heaters produce carbon dioxide during combustion and, if used in a sealed enclosure (tent), they also use up the oxygen present.

While fan-assisted and gas heaters take time to heat enough air (even more time if there is airflow), an infrared radiant heater heats up quickly. In addition, most conventional radiant heaters work efficiently near the device, whereas infrared radiant heaters always heat the surface to which they are directed.

The outdoor infrared radiator just needs an electrical power source and it works. The gas tank of a conventional gas heater needs to be replaced. Over time, the burner head of the gas heater can become fouled, requiring additional maintenance.

Design and appearance

Our outdoor heaters are characterised by their clean design and efficient operation.

With an aesthetic appearance that blends in with its surroundings, they can be mounted on both walls and ceilings. Thanks to its black glass surface and anodised aluminium finish, the infrared radiant heater can be the highlight of any room.

Thanks to their IP 65 rating, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor infrared radiators for larger rooms

The outdoor infrared heater is not just for small rooms, as you can heat up to 32 m² with a single device.
No heating energy is wasted, as the air is not heated and the warm air does not collect in the upper part of the room. With infrared panels, you feel the heat directly on the objects around you or on your own skin, just like in the sun.

Our products are not stand-alone heating panels, so even when using several infrared radiators together, you can easily keep the air in your home at the right temperature with the help of a wall-mounted thermostat.

Detailed information about our products and how to order

Did you know?

New generation heating

Did you know that our products can completely replace traditional heating? You can find the right Infrared heater for any room in your home, and it can even be the decor of your home.

Energy saving

Did you know that our Infrared heaters convert almost all of the electricity they receive into heating energy? This is shown by the 98% efficiency index of our products, which gives them an energy efficiency rating of A+.

Expert advice

Did you know that, in addition to selling our products, we can also help you with consultancy and design? Our experts and contractors are at your disposal even during the design phase of your new home.

Outdoor infrared radiator

Outdoor infrared radiator 2400 W
Outdoor infrared heater 2400 W
139.000 Ft
Outdoor infrared radiator 3200 W
Outdoor infrared heater 3200 W
166.000 Ft

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