Infrared heater calculator

Calculate how much power you need to heat up your room or home!

If you need help or want to calculate your exact infrared heater needs before you buy, contact us!

Infrared heater calculator

Infrared heater calculator

The calculator has been specifically designed to take into account the performance data of the infrared heaters we sell. It is not suitable for calculating the performance of panels from other manufacturers!

Our calculations are based on extensive measurement results and numerous application examples and experience from real installations.

Informative calculation!

The ceiling height is always calculated at 2.4 metres.

This is a guide calculation! Please contact us for exact data and accurate panel sizing!

Selected building type, based on masonry:


Consultation before buying an infrared heater

If you would like to install an infrared heater in more than one room, or if you would like advice, an exact product offer and a calculation before purchasing, please fill in the form below and one of our staff will contact you shortly!

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