Why Yandiya?

High-quality, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient infrastructure panels at affordable prices.
Our award-winning products can be used as supplementary heating and as complete heating systems.


As one of the world's largest manufacturers of infrared panels, Australia-based Yandiya has extensive international experience, providing warmth to millions of satisfied customers in homes and offices on 6 continents. It uses its extensive experience in innovation to create the most efficient heating solutions possible. As a result, they use the latest technologies in manufacturing to produce the highest quality infrared panels on the market.

High level quality assurance system
At Yandiya, we focus on customer satisfaction and never compromise on the quality of our products. Strict inspection protocols are in place to ensure the highest possible quality and customer feedback is given special attention. With us, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our products are reliable, maintenance-free, efficient and at the forefront of design.

Protecting the environment is important to us
While maintaining the highest possible quality, we also pay particular attention to ensuring that our products are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Thanks to innovative infrared technology, Yandiya infrared panels are ahead of conventional heating systems in terms of both efficiency and environmental performance.

We aim to stay at the forefront of innovative and new technology in the heating solutions market.

Guarantee conditions

Get an efficient heating system for you too!

Our products are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and require no maintenance. Take the fight against the soaring heating bill, join the millions of satisfied Yandiya customers!