Decorative glass infrared heater

Available in white and black, our glass infrared heaters not only provide the right temperature for your home, but can also be used as a decorative element in a room.

Solution for all rooms.

Infrared heating from glass?

Glass infrared heaters are particularly popular for their stylish appearance. Depending on your personal preference and the interior design of your home, there are many versions to choose from.

The front part of the glass infrared heaters is made of toughened safety glass, which in practice is extremely robust and resistant. Glass infrared heaters not only look good, but are durable and resistant despite their elegant appearance.

Glass infrared heaters, like all other infrared heaters, are easy to clean with a damp cloth or a feather duster. Unlike conventional heaters, regular cleaning of glass heaters is not a problem.

Glass infrared heater

Frequently asked questions

Can be installed in any room, on walls and ceilings. Its stylish appearance makes it ideal for wall-mounting, so guests and yourself can enjoy it.

This may vary depending on the ambient temperature and heat retention of the building. As the infrared panels heat the building first, it can take several hours to reach the desired temperature.

However, unlike conventional heaters, they then maintain the desired temperature much more efficiently and with less energy consumption. This is because the heat is reflected from heated objects around the infrared panel.

Our products are IP65 rated. Fully protected against dust and low pressure water jets from all directions.

Its efficiency is close to 100 percent, which means that the energy used for heating is fully dissipated. Thanks to the specificity of infrared heating, we feel more heat, so that even lower temperatures are enough to achieve a feeling of comfort.

Comfort and style in every room

The infrared heater is truly revolutionary - a modern way of heating. Or you can mount our panels on the wall or ceiling, so they can be discreetly hidden away, leaving the room undisturbed and leaving the whole area free.

Precise control of the infrared heaters allows you to set the temperature just right for waking up or going to bed, and lower the temperature during the day when you're not in the house.

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White or black? Choose the one that suits your style!

Design glass infrared heater

Our glass infrared heaters are available in different sizes. So you can decorate your home or office with the size that best suits your room design or layout.

Engineering feat

We think of glass as a cold, cold, easily broken surface, but with our glass infrared heaters we can see another side to this versatile material.

Our products have a tempered - hard to break -, bevelled edge, frameless glass surface and design, giving a modern look with an efficiency of nearly 100%.

Its IP 65 rating makes it the perfect addition not only to any room in your home, but also to the bathroom and kitchen.

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Did you know?

New generation heating

Did you know that our products can completely replace traditional heating? You can find the right Infrared heater for any room in your home, and it can even be the decor of your home.

Energy saving

Did you know that our Infrared heaters convert almost all of the electricity they receive into heating energy? This is shown by the 98% efficiency index of our products, which gives them an energy efficiency rating of A+.

Expert advice

Did you know that, in addition to selling our products, we can also help you with consultancy and design? Our experts and contractors are at your disposal even during the design phase of your new home.

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