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What is Infrared heater and how does it work?

The Infrared heater, an electric heater based on infrared radiant heat. It can also be called radiant or radiant heating. It is completely like the sun and therefore produces direct, comfortable heat.

The main difference compared to conventional heating systems is that infrared heating does not heat the air in the room. It heats the surrounding materials - walls, floors and objects in the room - making it an excellent choice for people with allergies.

It is this principle that makes infrared heating so popular, because the even distribution of heat over the room surface creates a particularly pleasant and healthy climate. Heat does not move around the room, but is constantly released from the surrounding surfaces.

Infrared heater is characterised by low installation costs and outstanding efficiency.

Why is an aluminium Infrared heater good?

Its efficiency is close to 100 percent, which means that the energy used for heating is fully dissipated. Thanks to the specificity of infrared heating, we feel more heat, so that even lower temperatures are enough to achieve a feeling of comfort.

The Infrared heaters we sell are frameless, which is not only more attractive, but also eliminates the disadvantages of the old framed infrared panel. The frames of old infrared heaters can peel off due to thermal changes.

The Infrared heater can be mounted on the wall with 4 screws. The power supply can be connected to a direct contactor, a contactor thermostat or a central thermostat.

Unlike conventional heating systems, Infrared heating requires no maintenance. There are no moving, wearing parts. After installation, there is no need to meet a technician every year to maintain the heating system as with conventional heating solutions.

Aluminium Infrared heater for heating the living room

The best heating solution for living rooms. The Infrared heaters can be mounted on the ceiling or wall to blend discreetly into the background. Installed heating panels don't take up space in your living room, leaving you with all the space you need.

The heating panels heat the material in the room, so the temperature is even throughout the room, including the floor and walls. This is similar to the warmth provided by a fireplace. It is much more economical and comfortable than radiators and oil radiators and significantly cheaper to install and operate than underfloor heating.



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Infrared heaters for heating larger spaces

For heating larger spaces, it is advisable to use several Infrared heaters. These can be evenly distributed across the ceiling or wall to create a comfortable, even temperature. By connecting the infrared panels to a central thermostat, the room heating can be conveniently controlled.

Design, construction

The design and manufacture of our Aluminium Infrared heaters is focused on the needs of everyday life. Thanks to its silk gloss finish, seamless welds and rounded edges, our products provide an elegant appearance.

Our frameless Infrared heaters are available in a range of power outputs and sizes, with A+ energy efficiency thanks to advanced carbon crystal and the latest nanotechnology.

Our Infrared heaters are supplied with installation instructions, mounting template and mounting brackets.

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Did you know?

New generation heating

Did you know that our products can completely replace traditional heating? You can find the right Infrared heater for any room in your home, and it can even be the decor of your home.

Energy saving

Did you know that our Infrared heaters convert almost all of the electricity they receive into heating energy? This is shown by the 98% efficiency index of our products, which gives them an energy efficiency rating of A+.

Expert advice

Did you know that, in addition to selling our products, we can also help you with consultancy and design? Our experts and contractors are at your disposal even during the design phase of your new home.

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