Outdoor infrared heaters products

Why is an outdoor infrared heater good?

Outdoor infrared heaters are devices that are used outdoors to emit heat and heat outdoor areas. This type of radiant heaters has a number of advantages, which include:
  1. Efficient heating: infrared heaters emit heat efficiently and instantly heat their surroundings, as infrared radiation acts directly on objects and bodies. This heating method is more efficient than, for example, air source heaters, which need time to heat up their surroundings.

  2. Energy efficient: infrared heaters are more energy efficient than other types of heaters because they only heat objects and bodies that they are in direct contact with. They use less energy than air source heaters.

  3. Easy to install: outdoor infrared heaters are easy to install as they do not require a chimney or heating pipe. They require no chimney or heat pipe.

  4. Adjustable temperature: most infrared heaters are temperature adjustable, allowing users to set the desired temperature for the outdoors. This helps to optimise energy consumption.

  5. Durable and easy to maintain: infrared heaters are durable and easy to maintain. Durable and easy to maintain, they are durable, durable and easy to maintain.

  6. Comfortable and enjoyable: infrared heaters are comfortable and enjoyable to use, as they provide a warm and pleasant feeling in outdoor areas even in cold weather. This allows people to enjoy their time outdoors without having to dress up heavily.

  7. Environmentally friendly solution: infrared heaters are an energy-saving solution, as less energy is needed to heat their surroundings. In addition, they do not emit harmful substances, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to gas heating.

All in all, outdoor infrared heaters are a comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and efficient heating solution that can deliver significant savings on heating costs.

Outdoor infrared radiator 2400 W
Outdoor infrared heater 2400 W
139.000 Ft
Outdoor infrared radiator 3200 W
Outdoor infrared heater 3200 W
166.000 Ft