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Our infrared panels, manufactured by one of the world's largest manufacturers, Yandiya of Australia, keep millions of satisfied customers warm in their homes and offices on 6 continents. It uses its extensive experience in innovation to create the most efficient heating solutions possible. As a result, they use the latest technologies in manufacturing to produce the highest quality infrared panels on the market. Why settle for less than Yandiya's infrapanel?

Aluminium infrapanel

Aluminium infrared panels

Efficient and energy-efficient heating that provides a pleasant feeling of warmth and is easy to install.


Mirror infrapanels

It is an excellent solution for efficient and comfortable heating of your home, and its special mirrored surface adds to its aesthetic value.


Outdoor infrared heaters

They are easy to install, as no chimney or heating pipe is required, only the electrical connection of the radiant heater is needed.


Glass infrapanels

With their stylish and modern design, they can become part of the interior and even function as a decorative element.



It helps you to heat only when you need it, saving energy and money.


Package offers

You can also buy our Infrapanel products in one of our special offers.

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