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Yandiya Winning Award

Yandiya receives prestigious award

Best Infrared Heating Technology Manufacturer - 2023

Energy Innovator Award

Yandiya has won the Energy Innovator Award for its pioneering developments in infrared heating technology.
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Why did we choose Yandiya infrared heaters?


On six continents, millions of satisfied customers! Energy saving, environmentally friendly and maintenance free infrared heaters of the highest quality!
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Infrared heater the energy saving solution

Infrared heater completely changes everything you thought about heating.

Unlike conventional heating, Infrared heaters does not create a constant airflow; it creates a more evenly heated and comfortable space.

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Infrared heating, changing the way you think about heating.

Infrared heating is the most efficient way to heat your home.

Our stylish and slim heating panels heat each room individually, complementing the décor of the house. They can be discreet white panels, mirrors or even glass infrared heaters. Use the interactive house below to get ideas on how to combine our heating solutions or view the full range.

Consistent heat transfer

Easy to install


Wi-Fi controlled

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Infrared heaters are a less visually recognisable heating product, as they are deceptively similar to a traditional mirror, a glass surface or even partially blend into their surroundings in the form of a suspended ceiling or wall element. The infrared heater products we sell are characterised by a clean, design-like appearance. Thanks to their energy-efficient use, they deliver an average of 98% of heat to your home, with savings of 60 %. Its advantages include being easy to install and also functioning as a home furnishing accessory.

Our products in 100% are natural heating for our body and well-being, because for the human body, the heat emitted by infrared waves is much more natural and beneficial than that emitted by conventional convection heaters.



The best heating solution for both living rooms and children's rooms.



An efficient energy-saving heating system with excellent thermal efficiency.



You'll enjoy the warmth of the infrared heaters when you step out of the shower.



Not only is it an efficient heating solution, it is also an interior design element.



The most practical solution for outdoor rooms that are difficult to heat.

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Why is infrared heating more economical than conventional heating?

The infrared heater can bring its full benefits to modern, well insulated new homes, older buildings and unheated, less used rooms, as it can deliver significant cost savings. In combination with a solar system, heating costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Infrared heating in 100% is natural for our body and soul.

The human body absorbs and emits infrared waves. Far infrared heating is based on gentle, long-wavelength infrared waves that penetrate the air and heat solid objects. If you like the warmth of the sun, you'll appreciate the feeling your new infrared heating system will give you.

Infrared heating does not heat the air, but the building material

This is a big difference compared to other heating systems that only heat the air. The building material keeps the heat in for longer, providing a better sense of warmth, so your house will not only be warmer and cosier, but there will be less dust and - for allergy and asthma sufferers - less pollen to breathe in.

Less dampness and mould because the infrared heating keeps the walls warm and dry

This means that there is no damp and mould to spoil the decor and that every part of the room will be the same temperature.

Experience shows that energy consumption can be significantly reduced in a properly insulated building with infrared heating.

Infrared heaters convert almost 100% of the energy used into heat. Infrared systems provide unprecedented control over temperature setting and energy use, and provide a better sense of warmth. Compared to other solutions - gas or electric - using infra heating can reduce your annual energy use by 30 - 60%.

The infrared heater does not require maintenance or repair.

Infrared systems use solid-state elements that do not require maintenance, unlike water circulation or fan systems, which can often require (costly) repairs and maintenance. Infra systems and controls comply with safety standards.

Infrared heating emits no carbon dioxide at all.

If you are using electricity generated by wind farms or solar panels, this is one of the heating systems that is truly carbon-free up to 100%.

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