How does the infrapanel work? How the heating technology of the future works

Infrared panel heating is one of today's most innovative heating solutions and is becoming increasingly popular in both the residential and commercial sectors. But how does it work and why are more and more people choosing it? Below we describe how infrapanel heating systems work and explore their benefits.

How the infrapanel works

Infrared panels are electrical devices that emit electromagnetic radiation into the environment, which is converted into thermal energy. This range of electromagnetic radiation is called infrared radiation. Infrared radiation has a lower frequency and longer wavelength than visible light.

The infrared panel works as follows: the infrared rays emitted by the infrared panel do not heat the air, but heat the objects in the room directly. The temperature of the objects absorbing the infrared rays is raised and the heat is spread over all surfaces.

is evenly distributed. This process allows objects to be heated and cooled more quickly and the heat distribution in the space to be optimally balanced.

The benefits of infrapanels

Infrared radiation can transfer heat to the environment more efficiently than convection heat emitted by conventional heaters. Infrared panels are energy efficient because the heat energy is transferred directly to objects and surfaces, so less energy is lost to the air, and therefore their running costs are lower. Did you know that an infrapanel can recover nearly 100% of the energy used?

The infrapanel is an environmentally friendly heating solution, as the energy is used directly to heat objects, minimising heat loss. In addition, infrared panels do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, thus making a significant contribution to sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

Infrared panel heating systems also produce less dust and other pollutants in the air, which is good news for people with allergies. In addition, the surface of the heating panels ensures even heat distribution, reducing the risk of mould and condensation.

Infrared panels are easy to install and offer a flexible heating solution. Panels are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any room. They also require minimal maintenance, making them a reliable heating system for the long term. In fact, no annual maintenance is required, just wipe them down with a soft cloth from time to time.

The infrapanel is therefore an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating solution that not only provides a healthier living space, but is also a cost-effective choice in the long term. Based on the answers to the how does an infrapanel work question, it is worth considering this technology if you want to make your new or existing home heating system more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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