Infrapanel installation

Installing and maintaining the infrapanel is easy as pie

The infrared panel is the heating technology of the future and is readily available today. Many people still use conventional heating solutions, only because of their familiarity. The the benefits of infrared heating are extremely diverse, and few people realise how easy they are to install and maintain.

Switch to infrapanel

Installing a completely new heating system can seem daunting, but there is absolutely nothing to fear from infrared heating. You can install infrared panels easily, even without an expert. Whether you want to replace your old heating system with a more modern one or you need radiators for a completely new property, you should consider an infrared panel. The infrapanel is one of the rare heating systems that does not require any type of authorisation. This alone can save a lot of time and money.

What's in the box?

This is not the place to indulge your desire to graze, as you hardly need any equipment. In the box we sent you is the beautiful frameless infra-panel. It's either made of aluminium or tempered safety glass. The power cable is connected to the back panel, with a heavy-duty flexible cable and a connector. The box also includes installation instructions with mounting template and necessary mounting hardware. So you get everything you need.

Installing the infapanel

The installation of the infrapanel is just a few steps and does not require any expert assistance. You just plug it in and you're ready to use. Use the included installation template to determine the exact location of the screws. A little drilling, 4 screws and you're done. How simple does it sound?

Where to install the infra panels?

In conventional heating systems, we are used to a relatively fixed location for the installation of radiators and heaters. An infrared panel gives us much more flexibility than this. We can mount it on walls and ceilings, and we don't have to worry about cold spots in the room when we move away from the infrared panel. This is because the infrared panel heats the walls and objects in the room, rather than the air, so it provides a much more even and comfortable feeling of warmth. However, make sure it is placed away from curious hands, as the hot surface can easily burn you. Take extra care to ensure that small children and pets cannot reach it.

The infrapanel is maintenance-free

Because infrared panel heating systems do not contain any moving, wearing parts, there is no need for regular maintenance. Isn't it great news that we don't have to beg the installer every year to pay him a small fortune, if he's even willing to come out to our house? We can save an amazing amount of money on annual maintenance alone. The infrapanels, unless we bang on them during, say, a move, will serve us for a long time.

Cleaning the infrapanel

Infrared panels are extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth from time to time. Thanks to its smooth surface, it's no big feat. What you should do, however, is switch it off before cleaning so you don't burn yourself!

In addition to simple installation and maintenance, our infopenels have a number of advantages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experts. You can do this using the our messaging form, but if you are more comfortable, you can contact us at by e-mail or at +36 20 515 4252-phone number.

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