FAQ: Questions about the infrapanel that everyone should know II.

We've already answered some of the most frequently asked questions in the previous part of this series, but there are still some in our collection that come up almost every time you shop. In case you missed it in our previous article, HERE can be found.

What maintenance do the infrapanels require?

The answer is very simple: nothing. There are no wearing parts, so you don't have to open your wallet every year to pay a mechanic a significant amount of money. Cleaning it is also very easy: turn off the infrared panels, wait until they cool down and wipe them with a soft, dry cloth. That's all. It's not a fool's errand, there are no annual expenses, the only people who are not happy about this are the experts in conventional heating systems.

Where should I place the infrapanels?

With conventional radiators, you can't really do much about the placement, so you have to adapt the room to suit. The infrared panel, on the other hand, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, takes up very little space and fits perfectly into the room's interior. As it does not heat the air, you will not have to worry about one side of the room staying cooler if you do not block the way, the infrared rays will be free to reach all parts of the room.

How to install the infrapanel?

From installation of the infrapanel extremely simple. As the package contains all the necessary fasteners, you should have no problems. It is easy to connect to a thermostat or an electrical outlet, no special skills are required. No permits are required, which saves a lot of time and money.

Can the infrapanel be used with a thermostat?

Yes, they can be paired very well with a thermostat, which you can also buy from us. There are simpler versions, but there are also versions that can be controlled via WIFI. But if someone wants to install it without one, for example for a supplementary heating, it will work without one. In this case you can manually switch the infrared panels on and off.

What are infrapanels made of?

Our infrared panels are made of aluminium or toughened safety glass. There are also special infra-panels, so-called infra-mirrors, which look like a mirror but also provide warmth, so they don't get humid and also serve as a bathroom heater.

How hot is the surface of the infrared panels?

The infrared panel should be installed in a place where it cannot be accidentally touched, where children and pets cannot reach it, as its surface temperature ranges between 75-95 ˚C. If you mount it on the ceiling, you will certainly not have this problem.

How environmentally friendly is this heating solution?

The infrapanel is one of the most environmentally friendly heating systems because it consumes much less energy than its conventional counterparts. All you need is electricity to use it, but because it can be connected to a solar panel system, if you care about the environment, you're in the right place.

We hope that this two-part Q&A has answered the most basic questions, but in case you have any further questions, contact details we will be happy to answer any of your questions. And if we're convinced that infrapanels are the best heating solution for you, then head to our webshop!

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