Why is infrared heating better than conventional heating systems?

Infrared panel heating is the technology of the future compared to conventional heating systems: it has many advantages and can be a cost-effective heating solution from an energy management point of view. In this article, we present the advantages of infra-panels over conventional heating systems, so that our readers can make an informed choice when selecting a heating system for their own home.

Infrared heating works by using infrared radiation to heat objects rather than air, resulting in a more energy-efficient and even temperature distribution. There is less heat loss in rooms heated with infrared panels because the heat stored in the walls and floor is retained for a noticeably longer period of time, and just think: do we need to heat the ceiling? Do we?

Another important difference is that the heat generated by the infrared panel does not dry out the air, which makes the room feel much healthier and more comfortable. This is particularly important for asthma and allergy sufferers, for whom excessively dry air can be harmful. For them, we even have the good news that because the infrared panel does not create excess air movement in the room, it does not stir up dust and pollen in the air, making it in fact the perfect heating solution for people with respiratory illnesses.

Another advantage of infra-panel heating over conventional heating systems is the lower maintenance cost, which is zero forints per square metre. As infrared panels contain no moving parts, they do not actually require any maintenance. Just wipe down with a soft cloth every now and then and you're done. Just calculate how much money you can save each year by not having to call a professional.

In addition, infrared panels are usually easy to install and do not require any special work in the walls or floor. So there will be no mess in the home, no high restoration costs after installation. This can result in significant cost savings when installing a heating system.

In terms of energy management, infrapanel heating provides faster heating and heat dissipation, giving an immediate sense of comfort in the room. It recovers nearly 100% of the energy used, making it a truly efficient heating solution. This figure is otherwise around 60% for conventional heating systems. The energy efficiency of the infrared panels is also reflected in their ease of control, as the desired temperature can be easily set for each room. If you choose a thermostat that can be adjusted via WIFI, you can even control the temperature from your workplace.

From infopanel heating has advantages over conventional heating systems, including more energy-efficient operation, healthier interiors, lower maintenance costs and ease of installation. The use of infrared panels not only benefits energy management, but also offers a reliable and comfortable heating solution for your home in the long term.

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