Infrapanel mould

Get rid of mould with infrared heating!

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with mould every day, and where it does appear, it is very difficult to get rid of. You can find plenty of mould-killing tips on the internet, but there really aren't many long-term solutions. If you're tired of spending so much money and energy fighting it, the infrapanel can give you some positive surprises.

But what exactly causes mould and what is the problem?

In flats and houses where there is inadequate ventilation and condensation, there is a high risk of mould growth. The problem is almost always exacerbated in winter, when inadequate heating can lead to damp patches, which can contribute to the spread and proliferation of mould. Of course, the damage it does to the home is obvious, it is extremely unsightly and it will ruin the walls. What may not be obvious at first glance is that it can also cause very serious health problems. These are mainly respiratory diseases, infections, allergies, which can cause serious problems even without an underlying disease, and with that the consequences are unpredictable. You may not notice any of the symptoms at first, but you can be sure that in the long term the symptoms will not go away.

When we discover mould, the first thing we should do is remove it from the wall, replace the insulation to prevent it from reappearing, fix the windows and try to keep the affected rooms warm. The "test" usually comes in winter, when we know whether we have done a good job. Unfortunately, in most cases, it turns out that even with all the other precautions, conventional heating systems are not enough. The reason is that these heating solutions are based on heating the air, and the walls remain cold, even though they feel normal. Cold walls, in turn, lead to mould growth again due to condensed condensation. Air circulation makes the situation even worse.

How does the infrapanel help?

Infrared panel heating solutions are much more effective in helping to fight mould. The basic reason for this is that the infrared rays emitted by the infrared panel do not heat the air, but objects and walls in the room. This creates a much better feeling of warmth and does not allow the walls to cool down. Continuously heated walls cannot become damp again, which prevents the growth of mould. There is also no airflow, which further prevents the recurrence of a stubborn problem. The method works so well that it even works in bathrooms that are constantly humid. The health benefits of infrared heating are indisputable, not only because it prevents mould, but also because it in our previous article we wrote in more detail.

With infrared heating, you can even completely eliminate mould and damp spots in your home. This is not its only positive feature, is a truly environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, whether you are looking to install or maintain it. If you have any questions, please contact us contact us at, and if you've made your decision, take a look at our products on the in our webshop. For more interesting facts follow Our Facebook page!

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