How does infrared heating affect our health?

Many people fear that the radiation emitted by an infrared panel can be harmful to our health. This is a misconception, as the infrared panel is based on technology that makes it much healthier than conventional heating systems in many respects. Let's see what the truth is.

Heating solutions based on infrared radiation generate a completely different type of heat than their conventional counterparts. Conventional heating systems are based on heating the air in the room, thus improving the feeling of warmth. A lot of households still use these devices for heating, the main reason being that they are still in the public consciousness, so when it comes to heating renovation, they are the first option that comes to mind. But that doesn't mean they make the right choice!

From infopanels like the sun, emit invisible infrared rays during their operation. But don't worry, these are not the same as the now well-known harmful UV rays, they have no harmful effects on health. Infrared rays do not heat the air, but the objects and walls in the room. Far from being harmful, they have a very beneficial effect on our health.

Less dust in the air

Most heating equipment creates an air current that stirs up the dust in the room, which is then released into the air. Along with the dust, various pollutants, bacteria and mites are also circulated, which will certainly have adverse health effects in the long term. Not to mention if you have a respiratory illness, which can be aggravated in the short term by these factors. Breathing may become difficult and coughing fits may become more frequent and intense.

From infopanels on the contrary, they do not circulate dust, as they do not create air currents. They simply use safe infrared rays to achieve a comfortable feeling of warmth. Because they do not carry bacteria or harmful substances, infrared heating is also the perfect choice for people with breathing problems, such as asthma sufferers. Of course, it's not just for them, but also for healthy people who are exposed to long-term adverse effects, so if you want to do something to improve your health, you should definitely consider infrared panels.

Never again mould!

From infrared heating solutions an added benefit is that because it keeps walls and objects warm, mould cannot develop and persist in a dry environment. This is not just an aesthetic issue, as living in a mouldy environment or staying in it for long periods of time on a regular basis poses a serious health risk.

Good effect on blood circulation

With conventional heating systems, it is common for our skin to become dry. That's why hydration is a priority in winter. Infrared radiation has no such effect. What's more, it penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin and not only improves our sense of warmth, it also has a positive effect on our circulation. As a result, your blood oxygen levels can increase and your heart rate can decrease, which will have a very positive effect on your whole body. The blood vessels will dilate and our circulatory system will be stimulated. As a result, your general health can improve, and it can even have an excellent effect on wound healing.

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