I don't like ugly radiators, what should I choose instead?

Radiators effectively take up a lot of space in the home, and it's quite a toss-up where you can place them. What if we want to get rid of them, what is the best alternative?

Why don't we like radiators?

Throughout our lives we get used to the sight of radiators, as for most of us they have been part of our lives since childhood. But just because we've used something for a very long time doesn't mean we love it, and that's even more doubtful,

that technologies have not been developed over time to replace it. One of the worst features of a radiator is that it is simply ugly. Some people try to cover it up with clever solutions, but what they end up doing is further reducing its efficiency. Why do we say further?

Radiators often fail to deliver the required amount of heat because they are simply dirty. In principle, they should be serviced at least once a year, but most people leave this out to save time and money. Or they simply forget. This can lead to significant heat loss.

Sometimes a room is simply so small that every square centimetre of usable space is needed. In such cases, we would prefer to replace the radiators with some other heating device without compromising efficiency.

But if you want to get rid of radiators, what's the solution?

Infrapanel, the new technology heating solution

The infrared panel eliminates all the faults of conventional radiator heating systems. Let's take them in turn.

The first is the design. Thanks to their stylish look, they can be used in any interior. Whether it's aluminium or glass infrapanel, discreetly hiding in space. In addition, there are special, so-called. infographics, which at first glance no one would say are for heating. They look just like normal mirrors, giving a perfect, distortion-free reflection, but they also function as a full infrared panel.

It's not all about good looks, but infrared panels also beat conventional heating solutions in efficiency. The infrared panels we sell use 98% of the energy consumed, and because they heat the objects and walls in the room rather than the air, they also provide a more comfortable feeling of warmth at lower temperatures. There's no need to worry that their efficiency will diminish over time, as there are no moving parts, nothing to get dirty and no maintenance. Just think of the savings we can make on an annual basis.

They are also very easy to install. On the wall and on the plafonra you can mount them so they take up very little space in the room. And they don't require any special skills to install, so you don't have to wait months for the right specialist (or permits, for that matter, because you don't need them either).

As you can see, the infrapanel is a simple, quick, cheap and sustainable solution that can be the perfect alternative to any type of heating system. If you are interested but have more questions, please browse through our more articles by blgounk, but our staff will also be happy to help you contact us at. If the decision has already been taken, in our webshop you can buy our products.

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