Infra-panel and solar systems: what to look out for when installing? I.

The number of households installing electric heating systems has been increasing in recent years. No wonder, as they are becoming more efficient and economical to run. Infrapanels are one of the most modern heating solutions available, perfect for those who want to minimise heating costs. And by connecting to a solar panel system, you can reduce your heating bill to zero.

However, it does matter how you set up your solar heating system, because electric heating will be most economical if it is carefully planned before installation.

Important considerations when installing a solar system

There are many aspects to consider. For example, the location of your home, the condition of the roof and insulation, your energy needs, and the type and quality of solar panels and solar batteries. These will all have a major impact on the efficiency of your overall heating system.

That's why it's crucial to find a truly reliable, professional professional who can help us assess our options and find the best solutions for us. If we still want to know what we can expect in advance, the various solar calculators can be of great help. A solar calculator can estimate how much electricity can be generated by a given solar system based on the data provided in advance.

How does the solar calculator work?

It calculates how much sunshine the solar panels will receive in a given area and interval, and uses this data to determine the amount of energy that can be produced. A good solar calculator will take the following factors into account:

The amount of sunshine. This is largely influenced by the geographical location, the number of hours of sunshine and the intensity of the sunshine. This will give us an accurate picture of how much sunshine will reach the solar panel system.

The type of solar panels. It does matter what type of solar panel you use, as this has a big impact on efficiency. A good solar panel calculator will take into account the efficiency of the solar panel you choose when calculating the amount of energy you can produce.

Size and configuration of the solar system. This also has a big impact on the amount of energy that can be produced.

Electricity supply needs: In the calculation, we need to specify the electrical equipment - i.e. the electricity demand - that we want to operate with the energy generated.

So, the solar calculator is all about entering the necessary data, and then it will give you an estimate of how much energy can be generated by a particular solar system. So it can be of great help in choosing a solar system and planning the installation.

The infrapanel is a really environmentally friendly solution in itself, so it's definitely worth replacing your traditional heating system with it. But if you have the option of combining it with a solar system, it can make a very big difference to the quality of your heating costs during the heating season.

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