This type of heating will be the best for your office!

To be effective at work, it's important that our office environment is as comfortable as possible. This includes creating the right temperature. But how can we kill two birds with one stone and choose the cheapest and most comfortable solution possible?

Most offices use either refrigerant-heated air conditioning or radiators to provide heating in the colder months. Often a combination of these occurs, as the basic heating does not provide enough warmth, forcing workers to use the heating function of the air conditioners, or even heaters, which eat up electricity. These solutions are not efficient at all as they rely on heating the air. But people walk in and out of the office, go to meetings, take a coffee or lunch break, and every time they open the door, a little heat is released. If you've had enough of wastage and want to make a change, consider an infra-panel, which will keep you warm and keep your heating bills down.

How does the infrapanel work?

Infrared panels emit infrared rays that heat the objects and walls in the room, not the air. They are not meant to heat up, but simply to provide a very pleasant sensation of warmth, similar to the sun's rays. Don't worry, the rays are not harmful to your health at all, nor will they damage any equipment in the room. There is no airflow during the process, so the heat will be better and there will be no dust or pollen stirred up in the room.

How effective is the infrapanel?

Infrared heating is much more efficient than conventional heating systems, recovering up to 98% of the energy used. So, if we decide to modernise our heating system, we can save up to 60% on our heating bill by using infra panels.

How suitable is the infrapanel for heating the office?

There are several arguments in favour of using the infrapanel. First of all, it heats up very quickly, so once you turn it on, the room will be warm in no time at all.You can connect it to a thermostat, but if you choose, you can also turn it on only when you really need it.

Plus, it's quiet, so it doesn't disturb your concentration. It's not so easy to concentrate with a humming air conditioner, is it? Let's leave that problem for the heatwave, you can create warmth in the office without it.

It can also be used to heat larger spaces and, as it can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, it takes up no useful space at all. It's also a great match for the 60×60 cm coffered ceilings found in many offices, Our 350 W infrared panel for example, just the right size to fit in place of a standard cassette. Where possible, it is worth considering the use of infrared panels above the desks when designing the office to provide an even better thermal experience.

If you opt for infrared cooling, the heat distribution will also be even, so you won't have one colleague frying while another is trying to cope with the keyboard in gloves.

Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the best part yet: it doesn't require any special expertise to install, and you don't even have to bother with the licensing.

Doesn't it sound good? For more information, browse the our blog or get help from our experts contact us at. If you want to buy, you can in our webshop you can do it in seconds!

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