Your puppy will love the infrared panel!

The cooler weather is coming, which is not only affecting us negatively after the pleasant summer days. Our indoor pets are also finding it hard to adjust to the change of season and are retreating to their caves more often. But which heating system should we choose to make them and us happy?

How does infrared panel heating work?

Unlike radiators, which heat the air around us, infrared panels emit infrared rays. They heat objects and walls in the room, resulting in a more even and comfortable feeling of warmth at a lower temperature.

We can tailor it perfectly to your needs

Just like humans, our pets are not all the same and have different needs. All you need to install our infra-panels is a wall surface and electricity, so we can choose the placement as we like. We can install it on the walls or on the ceiling, so it doesn't take up much space in the room. If you have a pet dog or cat, you can still choose an infrared panel heater, but make sure you install it where pets can't reach it, so they don't get burnt. Some puppies are happy in the garden during the day and only come into the house to sleep at night. They are often kept in a heated garage or in the hallway. The infrapanel is not only great as a complete heating system, but also as a supplementary heater, so it can be installed in these rooms.

Can be kept at a safe temperature

If you connect it to a thermostat, you can even control the temperature via wifi. This will keep the room or rooms occupied by your dog/cat safe and comfortable for them.

Easy to clean

If you have a pet, you certainly need to do more to keep your home clean. That's why it's great news that infrapanels are incredibly easy to keep clean. All you need is a dry, microfibre cloth to wipe them down from time to time. Of course, don't forget to switch it off for a while first, so you don't burn yourself! If you get dirt on the infrared panels that cannot be removed in this way, try using a slightly damp cloth. If not used immediately afterwards, wipe the surface dry after the operation. No need to worry, as their IP rating shows, this much water will certainly not harm them.

Infrared radiation is harmless for pets

Infrared rays, while providing a pleasant sensation of warmth similar to sunlight, are not at all harmful to humans or animals. In fact, many studies have shown that these waves are good for muscles, wound healing and blood circulation. Exposure to infrared waves can increase the oxygen levels in your bloodstream, lower your heart rate and therefore make your whole body feel better.

The arguments above prove that if you have a pet - and even if you don't - an infrapanel is the best choice when you're thinking about upgrading your heating system. If you have any further questions, read our our blog or Our Facebook page but our staff will also be happy to help you. You can buy our products in our weshop, which is IDE by clicking on.

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