Info mirror - 2 functions in 1 product

It sounds so good that most people don't want to believe that it can work, but it does. In addition to providing a perfect, distortion-free reflection, the infrared mirror functions as a full-fledged infrared panel.

Frameless infratube

We offer the frameless versions, as this has many advantages over our framed competitors. On the one hand, this version provides a much more streamlined look, and can be used in almost any interior. On the other hand, it is also advantageous from a durability point of view to choose frameless infromirrors, as the frame will start to peel off over time and can be patched, but it is not really worth it. And replacing them just because of the frame is a nuisance and not very cost-effective. But what other advantages do these modern heating technologies have?

Space-saving heating solution

What's a big plus compared to conventional heating systems is that it takes up no extra space. Obviously, you install an infrared mirror in a place where you would have wanted to see a plain mirror anyway. For this reason, they are most often chosen for bathrooms and hallways, but of course they can also be found in other areas of the home. In fact, when we look around the room, we don't even notice that they are actually "heaters", which makes it much easier for us to decorate.

Also an excellent choice for the bathroom

Thanks to their IP65 rating, we can also recommend our range for bathrooms. infographics. This international mark means that it is fully protected against dust and low pressure water jets - from all directions.

Isn't it annoying when the steam precipitates on the mirror after a bath? With the infra-mirror on, that won't happen, so you can save yourself a day's worth of inconvenience.

Like other infra panels, it is a real super weapon against mould. Because the infrared mirror heats not the air but the objects and walls in the room, so that mould cannot grow and colonise them. This is because humidity would be a prerequisite for this, and there would be no air circulation, which would also contribute to the development and spread of the problem.

Can also be used as supplementary heating

Infra-panels can be used as a complete heating system, but they are also a very good solution if you only want to use them as supplementary heating. They can be connected to a thermostat or even a solar panel system, so you can replace your traditional heating system. But if you want to use them as a supplement in rooms where, for example, there is not enough space to install radiators - hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. - they are also the right choice.

Super simple installation and operation

From placing of information mirrors does not require any special expertise, so you don't have to wait months for the right specialist. With a few screws, you can fix it to the wall and it's up and running, either plugged into a socket or directly into the circuit. Installation does not require a permit process, so you can save a lot of time and money. Plus, with no moving parts, it's maintenance-free, so you can calculate what that means for your wallet over a few years.

If you would like an infographic, but have further questions, please contact us contact us at. We not only sell our products, but also install them, so we can help you with that too. Our current offer in our webshop you can view.

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