Achieve even heat distribution with infrared heaters

Uniform heat distribution is important for both thermal comfort and economy. We would like to explore this topic and prove that the infrared heater is at the forefront in this area too.

Uniform heat distribution

Most heating systems - radiators, fireplaces, tiled stoves, underfloor heating, heat pumps, etc. - heat the air in the room, using it as a heat transfer medium. This is when some parts of the room are warm and others are almost cold. Infrared heating, on the other hand, heats the walls, floors and objects in the room, which radiate the heat and cause the room to feel warm. This makes the heat distribution much more even.

You feel much more comfortable in the room

It is precisely the process described above that creates a much more pleasant feeling of warmth, because there will be no cold spots in the room. With other heating systems, it is often the case that you feel comfortable near the radiator, but you feel cold away from it or out of the radiant radius. If the right power and number of infrared panels are installed, this should not happen. There will be no cold surfaces or cool, draughty areas. The sensation of heat itself is much more pleasant, with many comparing it to sunlight. And indeed it is similar, except that unlike ultraviolet rays, infrared rays does not have any harmful effects on your body. So we can keep ourselves, our families and our pets safe.

The ceiling and floor temperature are the same

Unfortunately, it is true in all homes that with conventional heating systems, the temperature will be hot near the ceiling and much lower at floor level - where we actually live and spend a lot of time. This is because the warm air is moving upwards, whereas we need it near the floor. As this is avoided by careful installation of the infrapanel, this problem is virtually eliminated. Even in homes with lower ceilings, we can save a lot of money by not having to unnecessarily heat the room. near the ceiling to warm the air inside the house to get a comfortable temperature down here. With infrared heating, the objects in the room, the floor and the walls are "radiant", ensuring even heat distribution above and below. This makes a big difference in homes with higher ceilings. Because in these properties, we may be losing a lot of energy by not letting the heat in the right places. At last, we don't have to spend every winter in the gallery, because we can feel equally comfortable in every part of the room. But to prove it with numbers: what do you think the average temperature difference is between the ceiling and the floor? A staggering number, up to 5-7 degrees difference. That's a lot of extra heating costs.

Each room can be controlled separately

When using Infrapanel, it is also possible to set different temperatures in each room. For example, if you want 24 degrees in the bathroom, you don't need 24 degrees in every other room. You can even control each room separately.

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