Mirror infrared heater product range

mirror infrapanel

Why is the mirror infrapanel good?

A mirror infrared panel is a heater that combines the advantages of a conventional heating panel with the added benefit of a mirror surface. The infrared panel emits infrared radiation that works in a similar way to the sun's rays. The infrared radiation effectively heats objects and surfaces, which, once heated, radiate the heat further into their surroundings.

The mirror infrared panel has a few advantages that may make this type of heater worth choosing:

  1. On the one hand, the mirror surface allows the panel to blend in beautifully with the interior design style and also adds functionality alongside the heating.

  2. On the other hand, because the infrared panel does not heat the air directly, but the objects that keep the room warm, it is a highly efficient heater.

  3. Thirdly, the infrapanel is an energy-saving solution, as it heats only the objects that need heat the most. In addition, panels are easy to install and operate and require no maintenance.

All in all, the mirror infrapanel can be an excellent solution for heating your home efficiently and comfortably, and its special mirrored surface adds to its aesthetic value.

Infratube 350 W IH-35-M-b
In Stock
YANDIYA infratube 350 W (60×70 cm)
83.600 Ft
Infratory IH-35-MBL
In Stock
YANDIYA infra mirror 350 W with LED lighting (60×70 cm)
98.800 Ft
Infratube 500 W IH-50-M-b
In Stock
YANDIYA infratycle 500 W (M) (60×100 cm)
103.800 Ft
In Stock
YANDIYA infratube 500 W (MS) (90×90 cm)
98.100 Ft
Infratube IH-50-MR
YANDIYA infra mirror round 500 W (diam. 90 cm)
115.500 Ft
Mirror infrared panel with 500 W LED illumination
In Stock
YANDIYA mirror infrapanel 500 W ledes (60×100 cm)
114.000 Ft