Aluminium infrared panel product range

Why should I buy an aluminium infrared panel?

Aluminium infrared panels are one of the best choices for your heating needs. The aluminium infrared panel heater is a modern heating technology that is efficient and energy-saving, while providing a very comfortable heat in the home or office.

Advantages include low heating costs, as these infrared panels use little energy to heat and the heat is emitted as soon as they are switched on, so the room is warmed up immediately. Aluminium infrared panels are quiet, maintenance-free and durable. Aluminium infrared panels are thin and lightweight, so they can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings and can even be used as a decorative element in the home or office.

So if you want an efficient and energy-efficient heater that provides a pleasant feeling of warmth and is easy to install, an aluminium infrared panel heater could be the right choice for you.

Aluminium infrared panel 1200 W-b
In Stock
Infrapanel 1000 W - white (70×120 cm)
109.900 Ft
Aluminium infrared panel 1200 W-b
In Stock
Infrapanel 1200 W - white (80×120 cm)
119.000 Ft
Aluminium infrared panel 300W
In Stock
Infrapanel 300 W - white (30×90 cm)
49.500 Ft
Aluminium infrared panel 350 W-b-N
In Stock
Infrapanel 350 W - white (60×60 cm)
49.900 Ft
Aluminium infrared panel 500 W-b
In Stock
Infrapanel 500 W - white (60×80 cm)
62.000 Ft
Infrapanel with 600W spot lamp
In Stock
Infrapanel with 600W spot light - white (60×120 cm)
124.500 Ft
Aluminium infrared panel 800 W-b
In Stock
Infrapanel 800 W - white (60×120 cm)
79.500 Ft