Beliefs vs. reality - what is true about infrapanels?

Although infrared panels are becoming increasingly popular on heating system popularity lists, there are still a number of myths about them. Having explored these misconceptions, we would now like to dispel them and show you the true qualities of infrared panels.

Misconception 1: Infrared panels are the same as radiant heaters

Not true! The operating principle of infrared panels is completely different from that of heat radiators. Infrared panels emit infrared rays, which are converted into heat, and heat not the air but objects, people and walls in the room directly. They thus heat up the space more efficiently, minimising heat loss.

Misconception 2: Infrapanel is only suitable for heating small rooms

Not true! Infrared panels can be used in a wide range of rooms and environments. Thanks to their modern design, they can be easily integrated into living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. Their flexible positioning allows you to heat the space where you need it. It is important to consider the space to choose the right panel size and wattage, and it may be necessary to install several panels at the same time to ensure even heat distribution. Our online infrared panel calculator can help you easily calculate the right infrared panel to heat your room, and we can also help you determine the right panel for your room or even help you with the design.

Misconception 3: Infrapanels are energy-intensive

Sex weed! Infrared panels offer a highly energy-efficient solution, recovering 98% of the energy used - compared to 60% for conventional heating systems. Because they directly target objects and people, there is no need to continuously heat the air. Thanks to the even heat distribution, there's no risk of frying eggs on the ceiling and almost freezing on the sofa near the floor.

Misconception 4: Infrared panels are not safe

Not true! Contrary to popular belief, infrapanels are extremely safe. Because they do not heat up the air, there is no carbon monoxide hazard and no fear of anything catching fire. And the infrared rays do not harm the skin or eyes, making them completely safe for everyday use and even having positive health effects.

Misconception 5: Infopanels are a luxury item

Not true! Infopanels are becoming more affordable and accessible. The initial investment will result in significant savings in the long term due to low running costs. More and more homeowners are opting for infra-panels because of the combination of cost-effectiveness and convenience. Installation requires absolutely no specialist skills and does not involve any major disruption, and there are no annual maintenance costs.

So an infrapanel is not only a modern and stylish heating solution, it is also an energy efficient, safe and versatile system. By dispelling some common misconceptions, we hope we have helped you make the right decision. Infrared panels are not just a trend, they are a real alternative to modernising home heating.

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