How safe is infrared heating?

When you hear the term infrared, infrared heating sounds scary to many. But how can something that scatters rays around the home be safe? But this heating technology is not only safe, it's healthy. We explain how this is possible.

It is perfectly normal to have initial concerns about a new technology. Before committing to a purchase and everyday use, always make sure you are aware of the real risks. In this article, we want to dispel any unfounded fears, so let's look at the facts.

What is infra-panel heating?

When they work, infrared panels emit infrared rays that heat objects around them. This type of radiation is completely safe and very similar to sunlight. The difference is that, unlike ultraviolet rays, infrared rays do not pose any danger to us. All that remains is a pleasant feeling of warmth, without any harmful effects.

What are the possible effects of heat generated by infrared panels?

Most conventional heating systems are based on heating the air in the room. Not only is this inefficient, but the process creates air currents in the room as the warm air rises, which cools on the ceiling and then has to be reheated. The air currents can be extremely damaging to our health as they circulate dust and, in addition, if the walls are not properly reheated and moisture is present, mould can develop on the cold spots.

With infrared heating, this problem is eliminated, as the infrared rays do not heat the air but the objects and walls in the room. This makes the heat more comfortable, reduces the amount of dust in the air and gets rid of the problem of mould.

Is it dangerous to leave the inrapanels on?

Our infrared panels are completely safe, and unlike many electric heaters, you can leave them on when you are away from home. Nothing will catch fire and you can even connect them to a thermostat. If you do, you can even control the temperature from your mobile phone via a WIFI connection. If you don't want to heat your home all day but want to arrive home to a warm apartment, just turn it on before you get home so you don't have to freeze for the first hour.

Where do we mount it to be safe up to 100%?

The surface of the infrared panels can get hot when they are in use, so it is a good idea to install them where they are out of reach of children and pets. Thanks to their small size, they can be installed anywhere, whether on the wall or on the ceiling.

If you have any further questions about the infrapanels, we recommend you to consult the our blog which will give you lots of useful information. If you still don't have the answer to something, feel free to contact us contact us at. Infrapaneljeinket in our webshop you can buy.

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