The infrapanel brings peace of mind to your home

Noise from the heating system of a house can often be disturbing and unpleasant. The infrapanel is a modern and quiet heating solution that is not only efficient, but also an ideal choice for silence lovers. Let's find out how infrapanel can bring this calm and efficiency to your home!

In an urban environment, we are unfortunately used to living in a constant state of noise pollution, which has a very damaging effect on our nervous system and reduces our ability to concentrate. A well-insulated house with the right windows and shutters can block out street noise, but traditional and some newer types of heating systems often go hand in hand with a variety of annoying noises. Clicking, whistling, sputtering, hissing, does any of this sound familiar? Get rid of them with an infrared panel! This new technology heating system is completely silent, so it won't disturb your sleep at night or your peace of mind during the day.

With conventional types of heating, it usually takes time for the system to warm up and really start to provide warmth. This is often accompanied by various noises generated by the operation of pipes, radiators and pumps. The infrared panel starts up as soon as you turn it on, it will warm the room in no time and it will not make any noise. There are no moving parts, so there's nothing to click or bounce - so no annual maintenance is required. Just turn it on and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine!

Traditional and some newer heating systems are based on heating the air. This, of course, means that warm air rises and creates a continuous flow of air in the home. With an air conditioner, the "wind" is whistling through the room as it operates, which also produces a continuous sound effect. The infrared panel, on the other hand, heats objects, walls and people in the room directly, there is no airflow, just a pleasant feeling of warmth.

The installation of infra-panels does not involve any major noise. It does not require complicated piping or a major ventilation system. Simply plug it into a socket or plug it directly into the circuit, fix it to the wall with a few screws and you're ready to go. You can save on noise and other inconveniences and costs. And a bonus, as mentioned in parentheses earlier: no need to call a professional every year for maintenance, just wipe it down with a soft cloth every now and then and you're done.

What's the point of being quiet if the heating bill at the end of the month makes your blood pressure rise? Away to peace and quiet! This is absolutely not the case with an infrared panel, as the heat distribution is even, the operation is efficient and heat loss is minimal. A truly wallet- and environmentally-friendly heating solution that uses nearly 100% of the energy consumed.

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