Which radiant heater should I buy for the terrace?

Now summer is truly over, and we will have to do without the warmth of the sun for six months. If you still want to sit outside on your terrace in the autumn and winter months, or if you have a restaurant or café, then you should consider getting an outdoor infrared heater. Read on if you are not already familiar with this technology.

How does it work?

The infrared radiator does not work by heating the air. It emits infrared rays which, when they hit surrounding objects, heat them up. It does not cause a burning sensation at all, but instead produces heat that is pleasant and natural to the skin. The sensation produced by an infrared radiant heater is most often compared to that of the sun. The only difference is that infrared rays do not cause sunburn and have no harmful effects on the body.

Where to use it?

The outdoors infrared heaters are designed for outdoor use, but are also suitable for indoor areas that are difficult to heat. They provide direct heat to people in an energy-efficient way because of the mechanism of operation described above. Why is it better than a normal radiant heater? Outdoors the hot air can be blown away by a breeze, indoors the heat is "radiated" to the ceiling. You know when you can bake in the gallery and freeze on the sofa downstairs?

How efficient is it?

Compared to outdoor gas-fired radiant heaters, you can save up to 70-80% when you choose an infrared radiant heater. In addition, while fan and gas heaters take a long time to heat the air, the infrared heater heats up very quickly and the effect is almost immediate.

What to look out for when choosing?

If you want to use it outdoors, the water resistance of the device is very important. This means that the device must have a minimum IP44 rating. The infrared heaters we sell are rated IP65, so they are particularly suitable for outdoor use and will not be damaged by rain.

How complicated is it to install?

The infrared radiant heater you can buy from us can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or even on a beam thanks to its aluminium profiled frame. In the box you will find everything you need for mounting, which includes 4 fixing screws, the corresponding dowels and an installation guide. It is easy to connect to the mains so it does not require any special skills to connect, any electrician can do it easily.

What other benefits are there?

The tanks of conventional gas heaters need to be replaced, and the burner head of the heaters can also become fouled. In contrast, an infrared heater does not require any maintenance, and as there are no moving parts, there is no need to replace them.

And although unfortunately not many people care about this in the energy crisis, infrared heaters do not emit Co2, so they are definitely an environmentally friendly alternative.

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