How resistant are the infra panels?

Many people ask how durable and resistant the infra panels are. We are often afraid of new technologies, but this heating solution outperforms conventional heating systems in both efficiency and lifetime!

IP rating report

IP is an international protection designation. It indicates the degree of resistance of an enclosure protecting the circuits of technical equipment to environmental influences. The degree of protection is determined by practical tests. The first digit indicates the level of mechanical protection against solid objects entering the structure, the second digit indicates the level of protection against water. The higher the digit, the more favourable the classification.

The IP classification of the infopanels we sell

IP 41 rating

Our aluminium infrared panels are IP41 rated. This means that they are protected against small solid objects and vertically dripping (e.g. splashing) water.

Our Aluminium Infopanels

IP 65 rating

The glass infrared panels, outdoor infrared heaters and infrared mirrors we supply are IP65 rated. This means they are fully protected against dust and low pressure water jets from all directions. You may ask us if the infrared mirror is really suitable for bathrooms, this rating proves that it is safe to use in such environments. This is the highest rating for any infra-panel on the market. Our glass infrared panels are made of tempered safety glass, which ensures that they are super resistant to external influences.

Our glass infopanels


Outdoor infrared heaters

Infrapanel maintenance

One of the great advantages of the infrapanel over almost all types of heating systems is that it requires no maintenance. This sounds incredible, as other heating solutions require at least annual cleaning and inspections. All you need to do is wipe the dust off the infra-panel every so often, and because there are no moving parts, there is no cleaning or maintenance required.

Lifetime of infrared panels

Fine, fine, durable, but what does it mean? The life expectancy of an infrared panel is around 100 000 hours. So, if you run your infrapanel all year round - 365 days - all day - 24 hours - it will be operational for about 11 years. But we know that the infrapanel is mostly used in autumn and winter, and not 24 hours a day. Connected to a thermostat, the system will switch off when it reaches the set temperature. So you can say that it will last you for the rest of your life.

If you are interested, take a look at our products in our webshop, which are either on or by e-mail you can also order via. Our calculator to calculate how many infrapanels you will need and we can even help you with the installation. Feel free to contact us contact us at!

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