Infrapanel: cheap and efficient heating from the future

During these months, we feel the impact of how much our heating bills can spike. We hear more and more about infrared panels, but often we don't get an answer as to why it's cheaper to heat with an infrared panel than a conventional heating system. Meet this innovative solution that is revolutionising the world of heating!

The panels are exceptionally energy efficient, recovering 98% of the energy used. Because they do not heat the air, but direct heat directly onto objects and people, the heat distribution is even. What this means in practice is that it shouldn't be hot in the summer near the ceiling, where you typically don't need it, while you're shivering on the sofa in 2 sweaters.

The infrared panels are activated as soon as they are switched on. There is no need for long waiting times or preheating as with conventional heating systems. This fast response time minimises energy waste by only producing heat when it is needed. What's more, it can be connected to a thermostat to set the desired temperature, and models with WIFI can even be controlled remotely from your workplace using your mobile phone.

The infra-panels enable purposeful heating. By directing heat directly at objects and people, there is no need to heat the entire room. This allows you to heat only the areas you actually use, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Of course, with the right number and power of well-placed panels, there will be no cold spots in the home. But if you want to use this heating in an office, for example, you can choose to heat only the area around your desk, as the rest of the room is not used.

Infopanels require no maintenance and their annual cost is virtually zero. With no moving parts, there is no need to replace or maintain wearing parts. This results in significant long-term savings in maintenance costs.

The installation of infrapanels is simple and cost-effective. They require no piping or complex systems, so installation costs can be significantly lower than other heating systems. The ease of installation results in significant savings in both labour and material costs, without the fuss.

From infopanels have low running costs. Energy efficiency, targeted heating and minimal maintenance requirements all contribute to making the infrapanel a cost-effective heating solution. In the long term, you can make significant savings on your energy bills.

The infrared panel not only heats efficiently, it is also economical. Energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, targeted heating and ease of installation all show that the infrapanel is a modern and inexpensive heating solution that can be an ideal choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly heating system. If you need more information, browse our website and our blog, but you can also ask your questions directly to us contact us at. Our products can be on our webshop, up to by e-mail you can also order via.

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