The use of infrared panels in workshops and garages

Infopanels are becoming more widely used as they grow in popularity. Workshops and garages aren't the easiest rooms to heat, but we want to prove that infrared panels can be an ideal solution in these situations too.

The benefits of infrared panels in workshops and garages

Efficient heating

Workshops and garages are usually large spaces that are difficult and expensive to heat with conventional systems. However, infrared panels can heat these areas efficiently and evenly, providing a comfortable working environment even in the colder months.

Rapid warming

The infrared panels immediately start heating objects and surfaces in their path, heating up workshops and garages quickly and efficiently. This can be particularly advantageous in situations where you need to warm up a space quickly before starting work.

Uninterruptible heating

Infrared panels have no moving parts, so there's less chance of failure and if you choose good quality pieces, they have a really long life. This ensures reliable and uninterrupted heating, which can be important in rooms where work processes should not be interrupted due to heating problems.

Space usage

Infrared panels can be mounted on walls or ceilings, so they do not take up space on the floor or work surfaces. This allows for more efficient and convenient use of workshops and garages without obstructing workflow or vehicle movement.


The infra-panels are easily adjustable, so it is possible to set the desired temperature according to the environment and needs. This allows users to optimise the heating system to suit their workflow or activities.

Installation of infrastructure panels in workshops and garages

Correct placement

Proper placement is important to ensure that the infrared panels can heat the space effectively. They can be mounted on the ceiling or on a side wall, in which case we recommend the former to ensure even heat distribution.

Size and performance

Choose the infrared panels to suit the size and heating needs of your workshop or garage. Our calculator makes it easy to work out what size of infrared panel you need. We usually recommend that larger rooms should have several, smaller infrared panels rather than one large one, to ensure even heat distribution throughout.

Infrared panels can therefore be an excellent solution for efficient and comfortable heating of workshops and garages. Their benefits include energy-efficient heating, rapid warm-up, reliability and space efficiency, all of which contribute to increased productivity and a comfortable working environment. However, it is important to properly install and control the infrapanels to ensure safety and efficient operation of workshops and garages.

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