Want to heat a single room? With the infrapanel this is possible

Very often, for whatever reason, we are looking for a heating solution to complement our existing heating system. The good news is that the infrapanel is perfectly suitable both as a main heating system and as supplementary heating.

But why would we want separate heating for each room? For example, if a room simply does not have enough space for a radiator, or if you do not want to heat rooms that are rarely used all the time.

But the opposite can also be true when you want to achieve a higher than average temperature in a room, such as a nursery or bedroom. It is often the case that the function of a room changes, for example because of the birth of a baby. If the room has hardly ever been used, the heating capacity may have been adjusted accordingly.

In this case, all that is needed is to raise the temperature of the room, which has already warmed up a little, by a few degrees. However, when choosing the power, many people choose the power needed for the main heating, because if there is a problem with the main heating, or even if supplementary heating is a more economical solution, this is the one to go for. It is particularly true for infrared panels that they are much more efficient than traditional heating solutions.

The infrapanel uses 98% of the energy consumed - that's about 60% for conventional heating systems - so you can be sure that almost nothing is wasted. Another important factor is that the infrared rays emitted by the panels do not heat the air, but the objects and walls in the room. This ensures a more comfortable feeling of warmth even at lower temperatures.

In addition, the heat distribution will be more even. What does this mean in practice? The warm air rises, so heating systems based on air heating heat the ceiling for the most part. This is despite the fact that we need it right near the floor. This is particularly true for rooms with high ceilings. You can bake in the gallery and freeze to ice cubes on the sofa downstairs. Infrapanels can help you avoid all that.

It has already been mentioned that in many rooms there is not enough space to install a radiator. You might not realise that you can even mount infrared panels on the ceiling. In fact, we recommend it, as it's the easiest way to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the infrared rays. Thanks to the aesthetic, clean design, it can be integrated into any interior and won't spoil the overall look.

If you want to know more about infrapanels, we recommend you read more articles on our blog. But of course our experts are also at your disposal contact us at. Our products via our webshop and we'll deliver it to your home, free of charge, by courier.

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