In which rooms do we recommend installing the infrapanel?

We're hearing more and more about infrared panels, so you may not be completely unfamiliar with this heating solution. If you choose the right quality panels, and make sure you install the right number of panels in the right places, you can replace your entire heating system. Of course, you can also use it as supplementary heating in rooms where your basic heating system either doesn't reach or you need a little extra help.

Heating bathrooms safely

The infrapanel is the ideal choice for your bathroom. We come across many cases where conventional heating simply does not physically fit or is not installed, and people are looking for a supplementary solution. In these cases, we can offer you our infrared panels, which have the function of a traditional mirror, plus you can even heat your entire bathroom. You don't have to worry about water splashing on them, they'll stand up to the heat, they'll warm you up in no time and you'll even get rid of the problem of the mirror getting damp.

If you have a larger bathroom, or if the infrared mirror is not to your liking for some reason, we recommend our infrared towel dryers, which come in 3 colours with a clean design. This way you don't have to install an extra radiator in your space, your 'heater' will have a function to match, and your towels will always be dry in no time. It will feel great to wrap yourself in a soft, warm towel after every bath!

Gardrobe heating

If you're lucky enough to have a separate walk-in closet, all you need to do is heat it! If you don't want to take up space unnecessarily with heaters, or you just want it to be warm intermittently while you're trying on different outfits, an infrared panel is the best choice for you! You can set it to a constant temperature, even lower than the rest of the home, or turn it on intermittently as a supplementary heater. We also recommend our high quality infrareds for this, complete with a combing table, perfect for applying make-up or getting your hair done.

Kitchen and dining room

Many people are afraid that the condensation in the kitchen will damage the infrared panels, but there's absolutely nothing to worry about! Here, as in the bathroom, you can use this energy-saving heating solution, and with it mounted above the dining table on the ceiling, there's no need for your family or guests to shiver in winter.

Workroom: an efficient working environment with infopanel

In the office, the infrared panels create a comfortable temperature for efficient working. For example, if you don't need the whole room to be the same temperature, you can direct the heat to the area around your desk so you don't have to heat unnecessary corners.

Infrared panels are increasingly becoming a comfortable and efficient heating solution for homes. As you can see, they are not only ideal for living rooms, but also for various areas of the home. Bathroom heating, towel drying, wardrobe heating, kitchen and study - all of these combine to create a modern, comfortable and environmentally conscious home. Make your home warm and cosy everywhere! Of course, it is also possible to have the same temperature in all corners of your entire home, but you can also customise the different rooms in different corners of your home to suit your needs, saving you a lot of energy.

You can find more information about our products on our website, but contact us at we are also happy to help you. Our infrared panels and accessories on our webshop via or by e-mail you can also order, if necessary, from in installation we can also help you.

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