Installation Costs of Infrapanel Heating

Choosing and installing a heating system for your home is a very important, long-term decision that can be influenced by many factors. Because of its energy efficiency, more and more people are considering installing infrared panels, which is why many people are wondering what the costs of installation will be. In this article, you can read about the costs of infra-panel heating solutions and the long-term benefits of the investment.

Infrapanel heating system

Infrared panels are one of the most advanced heating technologies, using infrared rays to heat objects, people and other objects in the room. It is much more efficient than conventional heating systems because it works directly, rather than by heating the air.

Installation costs

The final cost of installing an infrared heating system depends on several factors: the size of the living space, how many infrared panels are needed and, of course, the quality of the panels.

Number and power of infrapanels

The number and size of the infra-panels should be chosen according to the area to be heated, the larger the area, the more panels will be needed. The power of the infrared panels also affects the price: higher power panels heat the space more efficiently. Of course, the cost of purchasing them may be higher. Our online calculator to easily calculate the power of the panels you need. Of course, a lot depends on the insulation of the house, a properly insulated house will obviously retain heat better, and you will only need to buy lower wattage infrared panels. If you have any problems with the calculation, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!

Quality of the information panels

As in all other areas, it may be true that cheaper items will not necessarily offer the same performance as more expensive, high-quality infra-panels. The latter tend to offer longer life and more efficient operation, but at a correspondingly higher price. For example, avoid framed infrared panels, as these frames can become detached and disintegrated over time, and not only spoil your interior, but you will need to get rid of them sooner. All of the infrared panels we sell are frameless, so you can be sure you can rely on them for the long term.

Installation cost

The installation of infrared panels does not require any special expertise, as is the case with a cooling-heating air conditioner. It can be simply mounted on the wall with a few screws and connected directly to the circuit. We recommend this solution, but if for some reason this is not to your liking, there are variants that simply plug into the socket and they work.

Other expenses

The price of a thermostat can vary depending on the type you choose. There are simpler ones and some that can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. What else might come up is if, for example, you need to replace outdated wiring in your home, but this should be done over time anyway. In any case, if it's needed, it should be included here.

Is it worth the investment?

In short: yes. The cost of installing an infrapanel is low, and infrapanels can serve us for the rest of our lives. As it is an energy efficient heating solution, we will save a lot on our heating bills. Another thing to consider is that it requires no maintenance. So we can forget about the hassle and cost of an annual inspection.

If you are looking to buy an infrapanel, check out our current range on our webshop! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us contact us at, even in the in installation we can help you!

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