Infrapanel for your bathroom

Infrared heater for the bathroom

In our country, bathrooms are usually quite small, so it makes a difference how much space the radiator takes up. But why even need radiators in the room when you can use a mirror to keep it warm? Is it really that simple?

How does the infrared mirror work?

A mirror infrared heater is a mirror that reflects the for the original infrared heaters emits similar infrared rays. It does not heat the air, but the objects and walls in the room. many advantages compared to conventional heating solutions. The most striking feature is that there will be no condensation on the mirror after bathing or showering. Another common problem in bathrooms is the mould question. A room heated by an infra-red mirror avoids mould, as the walls can be heated from the inside, which prevents mould growth.

How should you imagine the mirror infrared heater?

Our mirror infrared heater is frameless, so it fits in any style of bathroom. It is deceptively similar to traditional mirrors. Made from 6mm flat glass, it gives a true, distortion-free image.

Isn't it dangerous to use an infrared mirror in the bathroom?

Our products are IP65 rated. IP (International Protection Marking) is an international protection marking. It indicates the degree of protection of the enclosure, i.e. the housing, of a piece of technical equipment against environmental influences. The first digit refers to protection against solids and the second to protection against water. In the case of IP65, the number 6 indicates that the device is fully enclosed and protected against solids and dirt, while the number 5 indicates that it is protected against low-pressure water jets. So our infra mirrors are completely safe to use in the bathroom.

What are my options?

We offer our mirror infrared heaters in a variety of designs. For smaller rooms or as supplementary heating, we recommend the 350 W models, which can be supplied with or without LED lighting. Our higher wattage 500 W products are available in round and rectangular shapes and can heat up to 8.33 m2 of space. If you are using it as your primary heater, we recommend that you place it above the washbasin.

No adverse health effects?

Many people fear that the radiation emitted by the infrared mirror will have a negative impact on their health. We can reassure everyone that this is a misconception. The infrared mirror emits rays similar to sunlight. But these infrared rays are not the same as harmful UV rays, they have no harmful effects. In fact, they have a positive effect on our health. Read more about this in our previous article.

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