How good is an infrared heater in the children's room?

It is natural to want the best for our children. There's a lot of uncertainty in parents' minds about what the ideal heating figure would be. It is important to ensure that it is economical, but also that the children's healthy development is guaranteed. We have explored what the best possible solution might be along these lines.

Resistant dust in the air

Persistent high levels of particulate matter in the air are no longer just a problem for those who are sensitive or chronically ill, but also for healthy people. Airborne dust can be a persistent irritant to your child's airways and can also contribute to the development of asthma or allergies. It is very important to choose a heating solution for the children's room that does not stir up and circulate dust in the air. Very few heating systems meet this criterion. Infrared heating does not heat the air but the objects and walls in the room through infrared rays and therefore does not cause air circulation in the room. Perfect for - not only - children's rooms!

Ideal temperature

Every child is different, but generally speaking, a temperature of around 18-20°C is not the most restful for them. In a room that is too warm, they find it harder to fall asleep, sweat more easily and can become fussy. The ideal daytime temperature is higher, around 22-24°C. It's important to be able to control the temperature in the children's room separately and precisely, so be sure to choose a heating solution that can be connected to a thermostat. Infra-panels are perfectly suited as a complete heating system, but can also be used as supplementary heating in individual rooms. This makes it easy to control the temperature in the children's room, for example.

Efficient operation

At the moment, this is a cardinal question when choosing your heating system. Unfortunately, heating with gas is not very cost-effective these days, and there are rumours that electric appliances are electricity guzzlers. This need not always be true. Contrary to misconceptions, infra panels are not the same as wall-mounted electric heating panels. It is based on a completely different technology, so it can harness 98% of the energy used. Much more effectivethan conventional heating systems - where the number is around 60%. Yes, it's true that it's not cheap to heat with electricity at the moment, but the infra panel is still one of the most economical heating solutions. If you don't believe it, it's worth asking an electrician or any other expert for advice, and they will probably confirm this claim.

Safety first

Two important points can be made here. One is that the heaters should be at a height that children cannot burn themselves. Although they can be side-mounted, infrared panels are most effective when mounted on the ceiling. That way they don't take up any useful space in the room and your child is sure to be out of reach. But it's also possible to mount them on the side wall, taking into account the height of your child, and of course the placement of the panels should be considered in terms of efficiency.

One thing is for sure, an infra panel is one of the best heating solutions for a child's room! If you want to test it before the baby arrives, try it in your bedroom, and it is possible that you will replace your entire heating system with it in the next heating season. If you want more information about our products, feel free to browse our website. more articles on our blog, en contact us at we are also happy to help you. Our products are available at on our webshop or email and we will send it to you free of charge via GLS courier.

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