Choose the infrared panel for your office!

Efficiency and comfort are increasingly important considerations in modern office design. Infrapanel offers an innovative heating solution that not only saves energy, but also creates a comfortable and healthy environment for office work. So why choose infrapanels for your office?

Infrared panels use electrical energy efficiently. Thanks to infrared radiation, the heat heats objects and people directly, not the air. This reduces energy consumption, as it is not necessary to heat the entire space from floor to ceiling. The even distribution of heat and the fact that it harnesses 98% of the energy used ensures that you are choosing a truly energy-efficient solution if you opt for the infrapanel.

Infrared heat radiation works in a similar way to sunlight, which has a positive effect on people's well-being. The heat emitted by infrared panels can have a beneficial effect on muscles and joints, reducing pain and tension. In addition, infrared radiation also has antibacterial properties, helping to create a clean and healthy office environment.

The infra-panels can be mounted on the side wall or ceiling, so they do not take up any useful space and can be easily integrated into the interior of the office space. Many offices have coffered ceilings, and the good news is that infrapanels are a great match! Our 60×60 cm, 350 W infrared panel just the right size to fit in place of the standard cassette.

Infrared panels heat objects and people in a room quickly, unlike conventional heating systems which take time to heat the whole room. This makes infrared panels ideal for those who want to quickly make their office environment comfortable.

The infrared panels operate silently, so they don't disturb the peace and quiet of office work and concentration. This is particularly beneficial in areas where silence is an important consideration, such as meeting rooms or workrooms.

Infrared panels offer an excellent alternative to traditional heating systems in the office environment. Their energy efficiency, comfort and health benefits make them an ideal choice for modern, state-of-the-art office design. They help to create a pleasant and efficient working environment that promotes the enjoyment of work and the well-being of employees.

If you're interested, take a look around on our website. You can buy our products on our webshop via or even by e-mail and feel free to contact us if you have any questions contact us at! Our calculator you can easily calculate the power of the infrared panel you need, but if you can't, you can use either this or the in execution we are also happy to help.

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