Delivery and payment terms

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Delivery conditions


We will send you an electronic confirmation of your order. After the order has been placed, the delivery of the parcels will be [NAME OF COURIER] by courier service.

Delivery of our products within 2-5 days happens every working day from 09.00 to 17.00 Between.

The shipping cost of the product will be explained by the online store during the checkout process.

We recommend that you make sure to specify a delivery location where you or your representative can be found by our courier if it arrives between 09.00 and 17.00. This can be your home address, workplace or other planned location.

If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, please also ensure that you have the necessary funds to pay the invoice if you are not expecting the parcel but a representative is. When ordering, you can enter your delivery details in the comment box (e.g. doorbell, porter, agent, etc.).

If you encounter any problems with your delivery, please call our contracted logistics partner, the [NAME OF COURIER] The customer service phone number of the courier service, where you can get accurate information using the tracking code you received in the confirmation letter.

Payment terms

Cash on delivery (cash or credit card payment to the courier)

You can also pay the courier who delivers your order. You will then receive a receipt confirming both receipt of the parcel and payment. Cash on delivery charges [FREE / AMOUNT].

Online credit card payment (with Stripe)

The credit card payment process is secured by Stripe (the highest level audited PCI-1 certified financial service provider). The credit card information you provide during the payment process is stored directly on Stripe's system and is not seen, stored or accessed in any form by the service provider.

You do not need to register to pay by credit card, just enter your credit card number, expiry date and the CVC code on the back.

You can use it to pay:

  • your Mastercard or Maestro debit card
  • Your Visa debit card
  • Your American Express debit card

There is no surcharge to the customer for payment by credit card.

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