Glass Infrapanel

Glass infrapanel - the queen of infrapanels

The infrapanel can be made of different materials. In addition to the infra-glass, we offer aluminium and glass infrapanels are also available, and we would like to provide some useful information on the latter. So why should you choose a glass infrared panel?

Decorative glass infrapanel

Glass infrared panels are just as effective as their aluminium counterparts, but most people prefer them for their appearance. You'll find them in black and white, in a range of sizes and shapes in our webshop, to suit any interior. In addition to providing a very pleasant feeling of warmth, they also serve as a decorative element in the home. For this reason, they are also a favourite choice for interior designers in their clients' properties. They are space-saving, beautiful and efficient. Need more?

What is the glass infrapanel made of?

The front of our glass infrared panels is made of toughened safety glass, so they are not only beautiful, but durable too. They are extremely robust and resistant, so you don't have to worry about them being easily scratched or even broken. So forget what you thought about glass, in our case it's not a cold, cold, easily broken surface. The infrared panels we sell are beveled edge, frameless pieces, so they're not only prettier, but more durable than the framed versions. The frame will start to peel off over time, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.

How to clean it?

Our glass infrared panels are - like our other materials - extremely easy to clean. Just wipe off the dust with a damp cloth or a feather duster and you're done. Unlike conventional heaters, cleaning glass infrared panels is no problem at all.

Glass infrared heater

Where can I install it?

Our glass infrared panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings, just like the aluminium versions. They are most often chosen by those who want to mount them on a side wall, where they can best achieve this perfectly clean look. Finally, a "radiator" that we want to show off, not hide!

Can I put it in the bathroom?

Although bathrooms are a more common choice for our infrathek, but of course the glass infrapanels we also highly recommend. It's no coincidence that they are IP65 rated, fully protected against low pressure water jets from all directions. So they can't be damaged by moisture.

How energy efficient are they?

Our glass panels recover nearly 100% of the energy used, making them one of the most efficient heating solutions on the market. What's more, because they heat objects and walls in the room rather than the air, they provide a better thermal sensation at lower temperatures than their conventional counterparts. Thanks to the same technology, the heat is evenly distributed, so there is no unnecessary heat around the ceiling while we are shivering on the sofa.

If you feel like it, visit to our webshop, where you can view our current range. For more information, browse our constantly updated our blog, or feel free to ask our experts for advice contact us at. Our Facebook page here you will reach.

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