There will be winter next year too, it's worth upgrading!

Although we still need to turn the heating on a little in the evenings, the main heating season is over! We can breathe a sigh of relief, we have survived this one too, thankfully the weather has been kind and it hasn't been such a harsh season. But it is worth thinking ahead and being prepared for next winter!

The soaring energy prices and the shrinking subsidy for energy cuts have forced many to suddenly look for another solution. Some people have started a complete heating modernisation, but the specialists' bookings filled up quickly, so not everyone has been able to spend this winter in the most optimal conditions.

This is why many temporary solutions have been found. But let's face it, who wants to heat their home with wood for the rest of their life? In the long term, it makes sense to choose a heating solution that doesn't compromise your comfort level and is easy on the wallet.

By the way, many people have bought infrapanels from us for supplementary heating. And we're proud that many of them have now contacted us to replace their entire heating system with infrapanels. Of course, we're not really surprised, as infrapanels really are one of the most energy efficient heating solutions available today. We can save up to 30-60% on our heating bills, thanks to a number of things.

Firstly, it is extremely energy efficient, converting nearly 100% of the energy used into heat. This means that it can produce the same amount of heat using much less energy than other heating systems. On the other hand, what makes the feeling of warmth very pleasant is that the infrared rays emitted by the infrared panel do not heat the air, but the objects and walls inside the home. This gives a much more pleasant feeling of warmth and the heat distribution is much more even. You will have noticed, especially in apartments with high ceilings, that it is quite common to find that you can almost fry an egg near the ceiling, but it is still cool at floor level, where you actually spend most of your time. This problem is common with heating systems based on air heating. With an infrared panel, you will feel a pleasant warmth similar to sunlight, without heating the ceiling unnecessarily, so it will still provide a pleasant feeling of warmth when set at a lower temperature.

Many people think that it is only worth buying as a supplementary heating system, but it is also perfectly suitable as a complete heating system. It can be connected to a thermostat, so it's easy to control, even setting different temperatures in different rooms if you want.

A installation is as easy as pie, does not require any special skills, such as installing an air conditioner. It can be fixed to the side wall or ceiling with a few screws and connected directly to the circuit. You don't need to ask for permission to install it, just check that your electrical network can cope with the load. Installation does not involve a great deal of destruction, so you don't have to worry about major repairs after the work is done.

Our calculator you can easily calculate the power of the infrared panel you need, but if you're stuck, we can help. You can order our products on our webshop or by e-mail and if you need help with the installation, we'll be happy to help you with that too.

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