Infrapanel in hospitality: a revolutionary heating solution for comfort and energy efficiency

In hospitality, comfort and energy efficiency are essential for guest satisfaction. The infrapanel heating solution is a revolutionary technology that allows catering establishments to provide a warm and comfortable environment for guests while saving energy.

Efficient and targeted heat distribution

The infra-panel emits heat in the form of electromagnetic waves that can be targeted to heat the affected areas. The heat is thus distributed much more efficiently and evenly than in conventional heating systems, which reduces energy consumption and costs. This results in a significant reduction in heat loss, which also leads to improved energy efficiency.

Fast heating without preheating

Infrared rays can instantly heat the environment without the need for preheating. This technology results in fast and efficient heating, which is particularly important in the hospitality industry, where it provides an immediate sense of comfort for customers. The use of infrared panels not only improves the comfort of guests, but also creates better working conditions for staff. By providing instant warmth, they create an ideal environment for waiters and other staff who need to work quickly and efficiently.

Design of heating zones

Infrared panels used in catering allow the creation of heating zones, which means that the ideal temperature can be achieved in all areas. This is particularly beneficial on terraces or in large restaurant spaces, where heating needs often vary. The creation of such zones contributes to the comfort of guests and the energy efficiency of the business.

Quiet operation, no disturbance to guests

One of the most important features of the infrapanel is that it is quiet, so it does not disturb guests while they are relaxing or chatting. This makes it an ideal choice for restaurants, cafés and hotels to ensure that operators can serve their guests to the maximum.

Maximum space utilisation with the help of an infrapanel

If you run a catering business, it's surely important for you to maximise the use of space, and infopanels can help you do this. They don't take up any useful space, as you can mount them not only on the side walls but also on the ceiling. Because of their space-saving design, infra-panels do not take up much space, saving valuable space in catering areas. In addition, thanks to their fast and precise heating capability, they are also the ideal heating solution for restaurants, cafés and hotels. Infrared radiant heating can also be used on terraces and outdoor venues in the form of infrared heaters, creating a pleasant environment for guests even in cooler weather.

For catering owners and operators, the infrapanel can be an excellent choice, not only for comfort, but also for energy efficiency and sustainability. For maximum guest satisfaction, it is worth considering implementing this system to keep up with the energy and environmental challenges of the future.

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