Ceiling mounted infrapanel

The benefits of ceiling mounted infrapanels

Two types of infrapanels are distinguished according to the way they are installed: wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. The infrared panels we offer are suitable for both types of mounting. We would now like to show you the advantages of ceiling mounting.

Main heating or supplementary heating?

Many people are looking for a supplementary solution to an existing heating system. Most often, they want to add a little extra warmth to the bathroom or children's room, without having to turn the temperature up to the max everywhere. If not used as the main heating system, we usually recommend side wall installation. This is the best way to increase the comfort level in a particular area. Of course there are always exceptions, as you can see in the picture below.

Most people who use the infrared panel as their main heating system prefer to install it in the ceiling. This helps to distribute the heat evenly, and there is nothing in the way of the infrared rays. This ensures that the heat reaches the furthest parts of the room.

Can we only slip on the placement?

What is important to note is that the failure of a less efficient looking infra-panel system may not be due to the placement of the panels. It is very important to calculate how many infra-panels(s) are needed for a given room size and what power is required. So it is useless to have a well-chosen placement if the installation has not been planned beforehand. No need to worry, all our products are described with a precise indication of the area they can heat. So you don't need to be an expert to choose exactly what you need.

How good is it for offices?

Ceiling infopanels are also very well suited to office environments. In addition Our 60×60 cm, 350 W aluminium infrared panel fits perfectly with the coffered ceilings found in many office buildings. In fact, when installed in place of a standard cassette, it provides perfect heat distribution without taking up any useful space.

How safe is the ceiling infopanel?

Don't worry, it won't fall on your head, and you only need a few screws to install it. The box contains all the fixings you need to mount it securely to the ceiling. If you're not sure whether your ceiling is suitable for installing an infra-panel, feel free to ask our experts for their opinion, who will be happy to help you.

Won't nearby furniture catch fire?

The infrapanel is also completely reliable in this respect, and its surface will certainly not heat up to temperatures higher than 80-90 degrees. There is no chance of it catching fire, so it will not damage furniture or objects within its range.

Whether you mount it on the ceiling or on a side wall, you're sure to love it. You can save up to 60% on your heating bill compared to a conventional heating system. If you like this economical, eco-friendly and eye-catching heating solution, check out our current range in our webshop. For more information, browse the our blog or ask our staff for more information contact us at.

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