5 misconceptions about infrared panel heating

Novelties are often accompanied by doubts, because they often seem too good to be true. The infrared panel is a new technology heating solution, so it's no wonder that there are so many questions about how it works. We're here to dispel 5 of the most common misconceptions.

1. Infrared rays are harmful

This statement is not true at all, in fact the opposite is true. Research shows that infrared rays have a very positive effect on the Cheers. One reason for this is that the rays emitted by the infrared panels do not heat the air, but the objects and walls in the room. This means that there is no airflow and no airborne dust. So it's a great solution for people with allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma. Another advantage of this technology is that the walls are always warm, so they stay dry and prevent mould from growing on them. This is not only an aesthetic issue, staying in a mouldy environment for a long period of time is a serious health risk.

2. Infrared panels are actually heaters

The infrapanel should not be confused at all with electric radiators. Although the surface of the infrared panel heats up, the technology is not based on heating the air at all.Infrared rays, like sunlight, heat up objects they bump into, but not to worry, they have absolutely no harmful effects like UV rays. What's really cool is that when you heat with infrared panels, you get a pleasant feeling of warmth similar to the sun. A big advantage over conventional heating systems is that they provide a much more comfortable feeling of warmth at lower temperatures.

3. We can tan from infrared rays

Infrared panels don't tan your skin at all. As mentioned above, they provide a similar sensation of warmth to UV rays, but not the same. They are neither harmful nor tanning. UV rays, unlike infrared rays, penetrate the skin, damage cells and can cause a lot of problems. Infrared rays, on the other hand, have a longer wavelength, so they do not have any harmful effects. The infrared panels we sell have all the quality certificates that guarantee they are completely safe to use.

4. The infrapanel is dangerous for childrene

It's perfectly understandable that we want to protect our children from any danger, but we must reassure them that the infrapanel will not cause them any problems. What we do recommend is that infrapanels are placed - on the wall or ceiling - out of the reach of our children and grandchildren, so that they are not accidentally burned.

5. Infrared panels can interfere with our electrical appliances

This statement is not true at all. Infrared rays move at a completely different frequency to the various devices used in the home. They have no effect on the way they work, so we certainly don't need to worry about that.

If you have any further concerns or questions about the infrapanels or how they work, you may want to browse the more articles on our blog. But our staff are also at your disposal contact us at. Feel free to contact us! The infrapanels we sell on our webshop you can order through.

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